Name: Aline Enbukyoku
Name Translation: Aline Waltz; My sound, Waltz (as a joke)
Age: 22 (actually 17, but she likes to pretend she's older)
Birthday: June 27th (same as her creator's)
Weight: Possibly 154.3lbs (70kg)
Height: 5' 0" (155cm)
Hair Color: Dark Purple
Eye color: Reddish Brown
Item: Any chocolate product/bricks
Voicebank finished? No - Released in Beta

Lilac visor, which is actually a customized pair of glasses for Astigmatism. When not performing, she just uses regular glasses. Blue headset with white and purple trims, and teal musical notes on the earphones (which can glow or not, depending on how broken Aline is to save on batteries); said earphones come with microphone plugs, as she managed to always break the portable microphones the headsets possessed before. She possesses three sets of earphones, in case of breaking, which occurs pretty easily. Lilac shirt with small frills on all extremities, and the number "42" sewn in the back (said shirt can be tucked or untucked, depending on her mood), blue vest with frills on the shoulders, white attachable jabot with teal-trimmed purple jewel (which she sometimes may forget to use), blue pants with small frills on pockets and leg ends, purple and teal belt with small frills on the sides, lilac arm warmers with teal trims on the elbows, and frills on wrists, blue sneakers with teal soles and ties, and purple frilled side details. See Reference Picture for details. She possesses three sets of the same performing clothes, in case she spoils one of them.