------Character Information-------

Amane Kinu as Illustrated by Vel

Name: Amane (天音) Kinu (絹)

Series: OCLoid (Original Characters Vocaloid)

Birthday: December 2 1992

Height: 5'5

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Voice Range: TBA

BPM: 80-190

-------Other Information--------

Nationality: Japanese

Voice Actor: Unknown

Voicebank: TBA

Creator: Darkala/SenelStella

Illustrator: Darkala/SenelStella

Voice Origin: Kagamine Len

Amane Kinu Long Hair

Amane Kinu -Edited by SenelStella

Character Item:

  1. Neko Plushie
  2. Neko Candy

Headgear: None

Headset: Similar to Hatsune Miku's Headset

Main Color: Yellow/Purple

Genre: J-pop J-Rock K-pop K-rock

------Main Information------

Amane Kinu, another fanmade created by SenelStella. Unlike other Fanmades, Amane Kinu's voice is based from Kagamine Len and is set in an amazingly high pitch almost comparable with Hatsune Miku's but that is on a different level.

Amane Kinu also has a younger sister named Shiba. Shiba however is much more hyper and can sing better than her sister. Kinu's story is that of a normal student. She goes to school, eats, studies and sleeps. That all changed when she learned about VOCALOID. Because of that she continued her voice lessons despite the fact she could not sing well, her determination to defeat Shiba in terms of singing is Strong.

Amane Kinu also has a genderbend version named "Amane Kana". Kana retains most of Kinu's attitude. The only thing that makes him stand out is that he's not as mean like Kinu. His usual clothing is a black jacket with a black shirt with a skull under it and wears leather pants and shoes. A typical look for a bad guy.

His Voice is also based from Kagamine Rin.

  • Notes about the character

Amane Kinu appears sweet but in truth she is a hyper, stubborn and competetive person

Amane Kinu's design is still pending if she should let her hair down or be tied up similar to Akita Neru's

Hear Amane Kinu's Voice

Hear Amane Kana's Voice