Chiyoko Ritua Box Art -Incomplete-

Chiyoko Ritua

------Character Information-------

Name: Chiyoko(千代子 - child of a thousand generations.)Hua-Ling(聂华 Chinese name, possibly meaning "magnificent dawn) Ritua

Series: OCLoid (Original Characters Vocaloid)

Birthday: June 1st 1995

Height: 4'6

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Voice Range: TBA

BPM: 80-190

-------Other Information--------

Nationality: Chinese/Japanese (She's more on Chinese though.)

Voice Actor: Darkala/SenelStella

Voicebank: TBA

Creator: Darkala/SenelStella

Illustrator: Darkala /Senelstella

Voice Origin: Megurine Luka

Character Item:

  1. Gun
  2. Cherry

Headgear: None

Headset: None

Main Color: Red and Black

Genre: Mixed Genre (Maybe J-Pop as one of the choices)

------Main Information------

Chiyoko Hua-Ling Ritua (Commonly known as Chiyoko) is a character from SenelStella's to-be-published stories named "Blood Princess".
However, SenelStella has altered Chiyoko's story to be fitting for her to be a derived VOCALOID.
Chiyoko retains her title of being a Princess but would be a Princess in a fictional place set in China and had the desire to sing (A contradiction to her original story in which she constantly says that she hates singing) and that led her to meet

Gakupo Kamui by mistake. Unknowing that he is one of the famous VOCALOIDs she managed to befriend him and soon she found herself developing a crush on him but sadly Gakupo was still obsessing over Luka.

Chiyoko also does not interact much but it is known that she and Kenny (Vocaloid Kenny) have been long friends.

Notes about the character

  • Chiyoko's running gag is when she is often mistaken for a guy due to her clothing and the fact that she is flat chested compared to most females. She is however not affected by this unless she is called a midget.
  • Chiyoko's Trademark clothing is a long black leather coat, Red Polo, brown pants and black shoes.
  • Chiyoko is often left alone due to her being stubborn and the like or most people are just simply afraid of her.
  • SenelStella is also obsessed with pairing his fanmade with Gakupo Kamui and has made multiple images of them in MMD and a few Anime Pictures of them.
  • Stated by SenelStella that his VOCALOID Family name would be Aishitane. (Tomorrow's Sound)


Gakupo and Chiyoko -Edited by SenelStella-

Other Hand-Drawn Drawings of Chiyoko by SenelStella

IMG 4591

Original Handdrawn Chiyoko

IMG 4595

Original HandDrawn of Chiyoko by SenelStella (Shown above)

See Vocaloid Kenny:


Hear a sample of Chiyoko's Voice