-------Main Information-------

Name: Fang (Significance of a werewolf depiction)
Series: INTLoid (International Vocaloid), UINTLoid (UTAU International Vocaloid)
Age: 18
Height: 6'3
Voice Range: C1, To C3
BPM: 85-150
Gender: Male
Birth Date: March 4, 1991

------Other Info-------

Nationality: Caucasian/ Japanese

Creator: Travis Maier (Tyrath77)

Voicebank: TBA

Voice Actor: Travis Maier (Tyrath77)

Illustrator:K3ns@ya, Kenneth Legaspi

Voice Origin: Miku Hatsune / Teto Kasane

Character Item:

  1. Animal Bone
  2. Dog Collar/Leash
  3. Chains
  4. Bone Spear

Headgear: None

Headphones: A darker version of Len's Headphones. It has a black layout, and red interior striping instead of it's white and yellow colors.

Main Color: Brown and Red.

Genre: J-pop. J-Rock, Pop, Electronica, Rock, Rave, Dance.