Huka is a fanmade Vocaloid made by Narumo of

Inspired by a thread named "Who likes miku more?" (Originally posted in Vocaloid Talk but was moved to The Pocaloid Lounge)

with the description as "Miku is better than other vocaloids" which read

"I wanna see who likes Miku most (hatsune not zatsune) Atm i think i do ;o she is so epic how can anyone like huka and meiko they need real voices D:"

Narumo responded with
"Let's see...
Who likes miku more?
-> Not me.
Miku is better than other vocaloids
-> Your opinion.
->" And the picture to the right.

Full thread here.

It was somehow decided that Huka is Levitational's Sex doll.

Huka currently does not have a voice bank.

Huka Sock PuppetEdit

Huka sock puppet anyone?

"Huka sock puppet anyone?"

In the same thread Levi stated "I am all of the PL. No really, i'm the only one in the PL, you're all sock puppets I made to make myself feel less lonely, and i'm going to reply to this with something different to make me feel sane and like there's someone else in this world, yes that's it. Carry on other people."

And Alexander-After responded with the picture to the right.