Vocaloid Kenny

------Character Information-------
Kenny VOCALOID progress

Vocaloid Kenny as Illustrated by Kenneth

Name: Kenny (Derived from creator: Kenneth Clark)
Series: OCLoid (Original Characters Vocaloid)
Birthday: February 12, 1991
Height: 5'7
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Voice Range: C1 to C4
BPM: 80-190

-------Other Information--------

Nationality: Canadian

Voice Actor: Kenneth Clark

Voicebank: TBA

Creator: Kenneth Clark

Illustrator: Hyper-Kenny-1991, Kenneth Clark

Voice Origin: KAITO

Character Item:

Kenny Chiyoko -LineArt-

Kenny and Chiyoko Concept -Drawn by Nana-

  1. Stick
  2. Leek

Headgear: None

Headset: Standard Gamer's headset, with a sound cancelling headphones, and a build in microphone: It is black with a green line on the bridge.

Main Color: Green

Genre: J-pop, Pop, Electronica, Techno, Trance, Electro Pop, Dance, Mellow Rock.

------Main Information------

Kenny had always been a Miku fan, He sung way before he knew about her, but while watching TV randomly one day. he had seen her on concert and felt inclined to practice his VOCAL skills, although he had a lot of practice beforehand, so he had a jump. He had made a few cover song on Youtube, but he notice he had troubles hitting the notes. Kenny wondered if he ever will get to meet Miku in person. Sometimes he has romantic fantasies about her, but tries to shake it out of his head. He just admires her most of all. One day, he auditioned for a studio group. They accepted him, however, he had changed his mind, because he wasn't able to read notes and felt discouraged. He soon went back to his regular life as a VOCALOID who sung on his own. (Vocaloid

Kenny is also known to be long time friends with Chiyoko Ritua

Though The character is done so, the voice origin came from the KAITO program, though the user, HYPER_KENNY, suggesting that He hasn't have the program yet, his voice will be announced.

  • Notes About the Character

The Creator of Kenny is also still looking for something else edible that would suit his derived character and he is also unsure as to why the stick suits him as an official item.

Kenny's supposedly Family name is "Mikuta". Officially stated by his creator, Kenneth Clark.

Hear a sample of Kenny's voice: (From his Original Creator, Kenny Clark)