Deep Blue Aoi Kagamine by Riku Heartilly


Names Translation: Aoi: Blue
Birthday: 8th August
Age: 8
Character item: Soda Pop
Related Characters: Tetsune Rena (Crush) , Kagamine Midori (Younger twin brother)
VO Creator: Alexander-After


About the Character:

  1. Her body is completely metal (Except her hair)
  2. She is a Loli (Loliloid)
  3. Aoi is strongly attracted to Rena
  4. Aoi is chaotic, but not destructive.
  5. Her personality is that of an innocent child, yet she is very tsundere like.
  6. The metallic piece on Aoi's nose has three spikes, which symbolize her as the older sibling.



This is about her clothing:

  • It consist of a blue tank top (with one strap)
  • Two lighter blue arm warmers with leg warmers to match
  • A light blue over-sized neckband, which has the same colour as her arm warmers)
  • A dark blue set of shorts and spiked-like chain
  • A light gray ribbon attached to her tank top along with gray socks to match.