Midori Kagamine by Riku Heartilly
Names Translation: Midori: Green
Birthday: 8th August
Age: 8th August
Character item: Coffee

Related Characters:Kagamine Aoi (Older twin sister)

VO Creator: Alexander-After


About the Character:

  1. His body is made of completely metal (Except the hair)
  2. He is a shota (Shotaloid)
  3. Midori's personality is extremely opposite of his sister.
  4. He is a pervert.
  5. The metallic piece on his noise has two spikes which symbolizes he is the younger sibling.



This is about his clothing:

  • His outfit is mostly shades of green.
  • He wears a dark green tank top, green arm and leg warmers that match
  • A paid of dark green shorts and light green neckband
  • Light green sash above his pants
  • Light gray tie attached to his top along with gray socks to match