Shirone Kagami (Half shot)

Kagami Uncoloured


Names Translation: White Sound, Mirror

Birthday: 30th May

Age: 13

Character item: Hand-Mirror

Related Characters:  Shirone Kukiko (Twin Younger Sister)

VO Creator: Kumo Yume


About the Character:

  1. Kagami was a child that was born from Kukiko's other (original twin sister) twin Tsubasa Utako, who was said to be the gendergent version of him.
  2. It was known that he was a bodyguard or a protector to Kukiko.
  3. He knows very little people, some of these are mostly the fanmades.
  4. His clothing design is from Kirio Karasuma (In God Mode) from Kamichama Karin but has some changes to it.



  1. Tsubasa Utako's information will not be added.
  2. Kagami isn't shown much being near Kukiko but from the distance.


History of the Character:

The story of how Shirone Kagami was born was from my original story about him:
It goes that once Kukiko was throned as the Princess of the Underworld, the King of the Underworld wanted someone to protect her from the distance. So returning to the Human World, he went to look for the twin sister for Kukiko who was Tsubasa Utako. Once finding her, he cast a spell without her noticing that her shadow was missing and took it away back to the Underworld. It was from there with his stronger powers, cast the shadow a body, soul and heart, from that point on Shirone Kagami was born.