Who is Yamaha Darcy?Edit

&nbsp Yamaha Darcy was created by a british girl who recently had her interest in VOCALOID brought to her by a sonic video. After a while the girl decided to make her own VOCALOID but instead of it being a VOCALOID it would be a DEMOLOID Which are a bit like audaloids,Scince the girl cannot use UTAU she uses Audacity. She pretends that Yamaha can "Download" The singers original voice and changes it to her pitch. She has two voiceboxes so her music sounds double,Which is good for duet songs.

Where did she come from?Edit

Yamaha was transported from England to be a japanese Singer/VOCALOID/DEMOLOID. She has moved into japan quite peacefully and is happy.

Who are her friends?Edit

She has friends,Don't call her a loner!

  1. Haku
  2. Neru
  3. Rin
  4. Len
  5. KAITO
  6. MEIKO
  7. Miku
  8. Luka
  9. Gakupo
  10. Gumi


Yamaha Waves to us